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In this one sheet rpg you play as the crew of a steampunk skyship. Will you be pirates? Merchants? Adventurers? Not even the sky is the limit! All you need to play is this download and a pair of six sided dice.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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For a one-page RPG, there's some nice stuff on display here. I like that each player has a defined role to take on, an item to take, and a motivation, leading to some pretty quick character creation. The odds and evens dice system is also a quick and clever way to keep the game resource light. If you want to pull together a quick game with your friends, I can see this working.

However, I do think that there are some issues, partly due to its page limit. Outside of the ship mage, the usefulness of the rest of the crew will really depend on the situation and what the game-master decides is going on. Race is also one of those things that's mostly there for flavoring. I feel like to sell the idea of each member of this small crew being important, more definition of what each class/race/item combination could potentially do at the cost of action points would be useful. 


I think those are very valid points! I'll take a look at it tonight and see about what I can tweak!

So what do you think about something like this, to make race more important:

1: Human: Regain 2 pts a day                     

2: Orc: Start with 12 adventure points.

3: Dwarf: Ignore 1st pt of damage/day                    

4: Gnome: Roll twice on the item list

5: Elf: first 1 pt spell each day is free                       

6: Choose

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Pretty good, actually! I especially love the gnome trait, I could see that coming in handy in some fun ways. The only one I worry about is potentially the elf, as if only the mage can do magic it sets them up as the mage class instantly. Maybe something like "may cast one free spell a day", so it makes it so you can have an elf cook who uses fire magic to cook the food or something fun like that. 

Good point, and that's perfect! I'll change that, then get it all tidied up, and re-upload. Thanks so much for the input!


Absolutely! Gotta help out fellow game devs where we can, lol.