Tales by Bob

All will flee before the Wild Hunt, but who will survive?
Crash survivors starting the long trek back to civilization. Can they survive?
Quest into the blighted forest of Paimpont as a party of Arthurian Knights.
What happens to the adventurers mounts while they are in the dungeon...
A game of horror in the dark.
Adventure as the crew of a steampunk airship!
Three octopuses throw on a trench coat to escape the lab! Will they make it?
A one sheet rpg guide to playing games of Lovecraftian horror.
Play as the felines seeking revenge in this classic Lovecraft tale.
The FBI is raiding Innsmouth, time for the Deep Ones to make their escape!
A team of investigators visits a strange farmhouse
The dead have risen...time to grab your axe and handle business, viking style.
They say the beast cannot be killed. Will you be the one to slay it?
A game of fantasy heists!
You wake up inside a massive labyrinth. How did you get here? How will you get out?
Students stuck in Saturday detention, what cold go wrong?
Nuns, guns, muscle cars, and a post-apocalyptic wasteland! What more do you need?
You play as badass wizards, with super special magic, using random photos.
Play as the monsters in the closet, as things go awry!
The greatest band ever plays a show...if life on the road doesn't kill them first!
Its a convoy through space!
In this 1 sheet rpg, play as the kooky residents of an RV park!
A one sheet rpg about Lawn Gnomes, doing Gnome things with their Gnome friends.